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How it works


Simply GRAB a few pieces of toilet paper, PLACE your hand over the sensor located on the side of the seat, cleaning solution will rise to the surface of the seat, WIPE the seat down before use. 3 easy steps to a cleaner public restroom experience.


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The first smart toilet seat for public restrooms, Washie Toilet Seat provides refill and inventory data to your cleaning crew. Your maintenance team will be notified when a battery is low or when a cartridge needs to be replaced, lowering labor costs and improving customer experience. 


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The hand sanitizer spray is 80% alcohol, it doesn't leave a mess,

smells great, dries quick. It's bottled for on the go convenience.

This product is manufactured according to the FDA Temporary Policy for Preparation of Certain Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Products using the WHO formulation for hand sanitizer.

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